Candid Photography ART of freezing emotions forever!

It may be funfilled Pre-Wedding Photoshoots, Candid Wedding Photography is all about capturing real emotions & gestures without posing for camera especially when you bring your romantic side it can make wonders in any Photoshoots!

Lets make a Wedding Story than clicking just photos! every details has to be covered which tells your story should be part of the story! it may be your wedding rings, pairs of sandals, pinch of haldi, small drop of water and priceless emotions...your pets, your friends, family, everyone adds value to the candid story on their own way. so get to know everyone completes the story!

I sit with you guys to understand what you are looking for and how we can make best photoshoot within available time n budget! Candid Photography wont be complete without warmth of love n affection while capturing it is equally important to feel comfortable in the presense of photographer can make your photoshoot natural and candid in real sense. 


My Work FAQs

Contemporary Photography & Portrait Artistic Photoshoots are my passion where i can work with you guys as per mutually agreed Project Cost ( if you are aspiring model/student who has big dream in your eyes and could not afford expensive photography! I can surely help you guys!)

Are you available for Group Photography?

My Answer is NO I'm not traditional Photographer with all due respect to photograpers I can click on Candid Artistic Photos as per your wish n my own stye I can not take group photos in the Wedding Platform/receiption etc..ofcourse your handpicked cousins, immediate family and friends are part of my candid work and I take candid moments as a group photo.

Do we need to hire seperate Photographers for Group Photo ( traditional ) and Candid Photographer?

For better results it is always suggested to outsource same team for all kind of photography however if better co-ordination is assured hiring only candid photographer for any event makes sense.

For complete package I can work with Group Photographers as well, but my style of taking photos limited to candid Artwork.

How expensive or How Best CandidTime Photography in covering the events?

I enjoys creating artistic photoshoots than stereotype photography and I do invest my time and gears for event hence I normally take up project on limited numbers and plan whole photoshoot in my own way.

As a Team We have a specialized team who can cover any events with best of the available gears in the Market. To give you an idea typical Photoshoots starts from Few Thousands to Few Lakhs! purely depending upon wedding planning and budget with various factors like number of days, location etc.

For customized Wedding Photography requirements please reach out me lets discuss and understand the expectation based on that we can proceed!

How it works and cost makes difference?

I will try to explain in simple words
If you are looking for Best in Class Photography I suggest you to go with our Industry standard Team with Drone and Best Gears in the Market.

Especially If you are looking for best in Class photography for Wedding I can get you complete package includes:
1. Candid Photographers (+ 1 assistant)
2. Traditional Photographers
3. Candid Cinematic Videography
4. On the Spot Mixing
5. Candid Video teasers (4-6 mins)
6. Social Media Posters

Want to know more about Pre-Wedding Photoshoots?
As per your requirements lot of custom made accessories, hoardings and scene makers are used in Photography.
i,e. Photoframes, Guitars, Bikes, Umbrellas, Buckeh, roses, etc will be arranged and option of destination photoshoots resorts, waterfalls, beaches, bridges etc

Planning for Photoshoots?

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